Wednesday 19th February 2014

So, good news! I’ve completed my first week back on the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) and from last Wednesday morning I’ve lost 12.5lbs! I’m SO happy with that, I really am. Takes me much closer to the goal needed for IVF,  and I feel like I can see a difference. I feel less bloated, tummy looks smaller and I think I can see my collar bones making a re-appearance! I’ve only got 8 weeks until I can start upping the protein that I eat – I need to make sure I do this for a minimum of 12 weeks before IVF. At the end of the next 8 weeks I’m hoping my BMI will be around 28/27, and that in the 12 weeks following I can get my BMI down to below 25. It really feels achievable now, I’m really not that far away, especially when I started off with such a large BMI of 46…. I look back on those photos and really wonder why I did that, how did I let myself get like that. There is no way I’m going back to that, that’s for certain! Clinic appointment in 2 weeks and 6 days, I know I’m not going to be at goal weight, but to be honest, this appointment is about setting a plan, using all the up to date test info we have. We will get the full results from my operation, including uterine biopsy. I’ve had all my bloods taken again, so will have a better idea of what my hormones are up to, and The Husband has had his fishes tested again, so yes, we will have a very clear picture then.

Bad news – I had my smear test yesterday, and my cervix looks abnormal. Apparently I have 2 ‘horns’ on my cervix (oohh, a horny cervix, get me!). The lovely nurse got the lovely GP into to have a look, felt like I should have started charging for tickets ’round up, round up! Come and see the freak show!’. Anyway, GP doesn’t seem to concerned, if smear comes back negative then they will just leave it. When I got home last night I suddenly remembered that about 10 years ago I was referred to the gynae team, who did swabs etc, and they noticed something on my cervix then. It’s just odd as nobody had mentioned anything since then! I will ask my doc at the fertility clinic when I go, as I had a hysteroscopy, so surely they would have seen it too…. So, fingers crossed it’s all a fuss about nothing, and that I just have a unique cervix – the midwife (albeit it not quite qualified as a midwife, very nearly there, just waiting for uni to process the paperwork and get my registration sent off…) is already worrying about my cervix dilating when I get into labour. I can just imagine my horny cervix leaving my with just a tiny lip, not allowing me to be fully dilated, which would probably be typical for me, if I’m honest! Anyway, moral of the story is this: please keep up to date with your smear tests. My school friend died earlier this month from cervical cancer, she was 34.  Please, if you don’t know when your last one was, phone your surgery and check. Book it in. It only takes 2 minutes and it could save your life.