Wednesday 22nd January 2014

BFP (Big Fat Positive- as in positive pregnancy test) dreams. Do you ever have them? The dreams where you POAS (pee on a stick) and it comes up positive. Well, I had a good one last night. We were due to start IVF, we had everything ready to go, including a folder of information from Clearblue (the pregnancy test people – quite what they were giving me info on IVF for I don’t know!). It was my sister in law’s birthday, and my mother in law suspected I was pregnant already and made me and my husband go home to do a pregnancy test. It was positive! (albeit with 3 lines – I desperately tried to read through my Clearblue folder as to what 3 lines meant, but my husband wanted to go back and tell the family). Yay, I was pregnant! We went back to tell them, I made a big show of trying to look sad and depressed, but then made everyone sit on the sofa whilst my husband and I stood in front of them proudly, and my husband said those words ‘we’re having a baby’. I can remember in the dream that I was worried about how much stuff we need to do to the house (and for those that have been to my house, you will know we need to do EVERYTHING!). And then I woke up. Not pregnant. No folder full of information from Clearblue. No BFP.