Monday 7th April, 2014.

It’s been ages since I updated, I kept meaning to, but I didn’t.


So, the clinic appointment went well, the results were confirmed that I do indeed have bilaterally blocked fallopian tubes and I do indeed need IVF, possibly with ICSI and The Husbands semen analysis showed just 1% morphology (cry!). The consultant did suggest surgery to unblock my tubes, and I’m waiting for my surgery date. She suggested trying to unblock both tubes, and removing the adhesions around my ovary. The consultant also confirmed that I have autoimmune thyroiditis, my body is destroying my own thyroid (nice, eh?). I asked about steroid treatment prior to egg collection and during pregnancy, and she was very dismissive, saying that I didn’t need that, the medication that I am already on will be sufficient. So, all sounds good? Apparently not. The Husband and I went to CARE fertility in Nottingham for their open evening, and we spoke with the medical director about our situation. We explained The Husbands low morphology, my blocked tubes and adhesions and pending surgery, and my autoimmune thyroiditis. The medical director was really lovely, very approachable and we both felt like we had her undivided attention, we weren’t on a conveyor belt, which is how we feel at our current clinic. She agreed that ICSI was the way to go, that I would need additional treatment for my thyroid – which is what I suspected, and as for the surgery she recommended having the tubes removed if they can’t be unblocked due to risk of  fluid from the tubes returning to the uterus and compromising implantation. She said that I shouldn’t have the adhesions removed, as this may alter the blood supply to my ovary, and impact on my ovarian reserve. She really was a breath of fresh air, we felt like we were being guided, rather than having to wade through this on our own. I think we have made our decision to go to CARE fertility, we just need to battle with the CCG to transfer our funding to Nottingham….